December 14, 2009

This post is related to the previous one, know we use SCAMPER model to make some innovation on Toyota Business Model, here are the SCAMPER:

S: Substitute
One of the selling method of Toyota is selling merchandise like umbrella, and t-shirt. It is ineffective, so that it would be better and creative if Toyota substitute it to car scent that would be more profitable and attractive.
C: Combine
Recently Toyota is producing both; fuel-efficient car like Toyota Avanza and sport car like Toyota Celica. However, we creatively combine those two parts into one; fuel efficient sport car.
A: Adapt
Adapt is to adapt something from other. We recommend Toyota to adapt Run Flat Tyre feature owned by BMW. RFT or Run Flat Tyre is a feature that enables the tyres of the car to keep rolling even though the tyre is flat. However, the name should be changed into ToyoFlaTyre.

M: Modify
Recently, the engine of Toyota can only receive petrol or diesel fuel. Toyota should modify its engine to be more compatible to bio fuel, or hydro fuel.

P: Put to other purpose
One of the technology that Toyota develop for F1 purpose is the steermatic shift. It is to enables the driver to shift on the steering wheel. However, it would be better if that feature is put to other purpose; the ordinary car so that the non F1 toyota users would be able to shift the gear on the steering wheel.

E: Eliminate
We recommend Toyota to adapt Run Flat Tyre feature. That would be more benefical if Toyota eliminate the spare tyre so that the baggage capacity is bigger and the weight of the car can be reduced and resulted in more efficient fuel consumption.

R: Reverse
Recently, Toyota always does a market research before launching a product. By having reverse method, Toyota car making should be reversed into customization. It is used to enable the customer to customize its own Toyota Car.


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