Toyota Business Model

December 14, 2009

Company’s brief

Toyota is one of the leading automotive producer in the world. In Indonesia, Toyota becomes the leader of the automotive producer. All of its line ups like Avanza, Rush, Yaris, Vios, Altis, Fortuner, Hilux, and Alphard are favorable and getting lots of market share in their market segments. However, to define Toyota’s success, the writer uses business model approach which goes as following;

Customer Segments

Customer Segments

The customer segments that the company set are different according to segment of the car. Fuel efficient tend to be sold to mid/low familyor personal, luxurious car is set to be sold to business man, high performance car is set to be sold to performance enthusiast,  and high tech and environmental friendly car like Prius is set to be sold to people concerning about environment.

Distribution Channel

Distribution channel

In the distribution channel, the writer emphasizes on how Toyota advertise its car segments to its customer segments.  Fuel efficent car is advertised by using TV advetisement, and fuel efficient competition. Luxurious car is advertised  by luxury car exhibition and luxury car launching while high performance is advertised by participating in a race competition. The last, the environmental friendly car is advertised by having brand ambassador and campaign.

Customer Relationship

Customer Relationship

Toyota keeps maintaining its relationship with the customer. The way of Toyota to keep maintaining its customer relationship by giving warranty, after sales service, forum, bonus, discount, and guaranteed high resale value

Revenue Stream

Revenue stream

To maintain its operation, Toyota needs revenue. The process of gaining revenue is called revenue stream. The revenue streams of Toyota come from car sales, spareparts, service, accessories, and merchandise.

Activity Partners

Activity Partner

To run its business, Toyota needs activity patner to work with. Its activity partners are daihatsu in the making of Xenia-Terios, Pertamina in making of Toyota Genuine Motor Oil, and Williams F1 racing.

Activity Configuration

Activity configuration

During the running of its business, the company has activity configuration which is the main activity of the company. The activities are like brand management, Quality control, product research, design development, and technology development.

Cost Structure

Cost structure

The big company like Toyota must have cost structure in its finance. Its highest cost is technology development, and the lowest is its brand management due to Toyota big reputation.


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